The game of rocket league is really popular among gamers and there are several modes in the game that a gamer can play in the game. In mutator mode a gamer can increase or decrease gravity in the game in order to give car more air. Other things in this mode can also be modified like the size of the ball can be changed by him and speed at which a ball will travel and how much it will bounce. There were many updates and modes launched by the developers. Then there was a new update launched that was called the snow day which was an ice hockey inspired mode. In this game, instead of the ball there is a hockey puck and in this mode the game is played on the ice rink. This is altogether a different kind of experience in the game. Initially this mode was only set for the time period of holidays but then after seeing the response that this game was getting form the gamers the makers decided to extend this time period.

One of the biggest reason behind the success of the rocket league game is that the developers of the game keeps on adding new modes to the game and gamer never gets bore with the game. On 10 February 2016 this snow day mode was added permanently to the game with options of exhibition and private matches in the mutator setting of the game. Just like ice hockey and football inspired mode in the game there was also a basketball inspired mode that was called the hoops and this was added to the game on April 26 in the year 2016. There was another mode in the game that was called as the rumble and this mode included different aspects like the unusual powers in the game like in this mode a gamer could freeze the ball in the air and a gamer could also make it difficult for an opponent in the game to control his car.

Then there was an update done in the December of 2016 that was called the star base ARC and this update was actually based on the mobile games of the Psyonix. There are different items in the game with which a gamer can improve his performance in the game. In rocket league game the gamers play soccer with the cars and that is why the cars are like the gamers players in the game and their performance also affects the team performance. A gamer can unlock different things with help of these items in the game. New kinds of inputs for the cars can be purchased in the game. If you want to buy any of the rocket league items offline at cheap price then check out our website. Our website Mmogah provides these rocket league items and many other gaming currencies at really cheap price.